Monday, June 7, 2010

Peaceful Mind

So, this is my last blog I'll be writing from overseas. I'm leaving in about 7 hours from Auckland to head to the good 'ol USA. I'll fly for 12 hours straight into LA and head to San Diego.

I went for a run this morning and enjoyed the last morning of the beautiful New Zealand skies and had time just to reflect on my journey the past ten months. At this point I don't know how to even sum it all has been so many different things but mostly it has been an amazing adventure that I have absolutely no regrets about and would do it again if and when the chance arises.

You learn so much about yourself as well as other people and cultures when you do something like this and it changes you in many ways. To say what that is I'm not even sure yet but I trust that I'll know more once I get back home, re-adjust and start building a life there again. So you'll have to wait for the insights once I return and touch into them all first.

To sum up New Zealand and the feeling I have here is "Peaceful Mind". I can not say enough wonderful things about this country; the landscape, the people and the overall feel of being here.

My last couple weeks in the north island was a fun adventure. As I said before Inbal and I rented a car and I quickly got used to driving on the "wrong" side of the road and maneuvering roundabouts. We visited some great places like Rotorua and the thermal pools and geysers, Lake Taupo and the Huka falls and the highlight-Tongariro national park. We did a one day hike which was 18km and took about 6 1/2 hours. This time of year it's weather permitting so we had to check in the day before to find out that it was a go. We took a morning shuttle to the start, climbed beautiful trails surrounded by even higher pikes like Ngauruhoe Summit which was used in the filming of "The Lord of the Rings" and were blessed with amazing weather!

Since I need to leave here shortly I'll get this off with my photos for you to enjoy and will be in touch. My journey has not ended quite yet since I'm planning to travel a bit around the Northwest and then back to Colorado to visit friends and see a bit of my own country.

I just want to thank you all for tuning in; to read my blog, view photos of my journey and all you wonderful comments and emails. Much love to you all!
Toni...........or Antoinette


  1. Hi Toni I was hoping you'd have time to write before you left New Zealand - thanks and thanks for more wonderful pictures. It was fun to
    see you and your "daughter" Inbal and the Maori people whom I love,
    Looking forward to seeing you. Have a safe journey home.
    It just seems like a couple of months that I saw you at the "79 reunion!!
    Much love,

  2. Hi Toni -
    I've fallen behind but caught up tonight. New Zealand ... what a fabulous place. I think you saved the best for last - these were my favorite of all your pictures. Hope you made it home safely - looking forward to seeing you again - Lynn J.

  3. Hi Antoinette. I have just got back from my trip to find my email has collapsed so I am sending you this one as an alternative. I am not sure when the other one will be back up. Send me a phone no so I can call you if you can.
    New email is :
    Lots of love Martin